School Gardens

School Garden

 Why have a garden at Furlow Charter School?

The garden at Furlow Charter School provides a "hands-on" extension of the traditional classroom, not just an extracurricular activity.  The project provides standards-based and project-based lessons for teachers of all grades in math, science, language arts, social studies, and health. Studies have shown that this integrative approach can increase student achievement in measures of standardized testing across all disciplines, especially in science.  School gardens go beyond the scope of the classroom as opportunities for students, teachers, parents, and community members to interact.  Students learn interpersonal social skills, teamwork, analytical thinking, and problem solving.  Students become more responsible, creative and patient by caring for a garden.  As they work in a safe outdoor environment they witness the fruit of their labors, engage with one another, learn about nature and develop an appreciation for the natural world. 

What are the lifestyle benefits?

"Healthy Kids Georgia" program is a collaboration of the Office of Lieutenant Governor, the Alliance for a Healthier Generation's Healthy Schools Program, and other corporate and community partners to confront our childhood obesity crisis by implementing health and wellness programs in Georgia's schools.  When children grow food, they want to taste that food.  They learn healthy eating habits, not just by reading about nutrition, but by eating nutritiously.  They experience first-hand the benefits of eating fresh, locally grown vegetables and fruits.  Out of the 800 schools in Georgia that work with The Healthy Schools Program, 25 Georgia schools received National Recognition Awards for transforming their campuses into healthier places for students and staff.  Furlow's goal is to emulate Spout Springs School of Enrichment, Hall County, and the South's first Gold school.  

Volunteers Needed!

Caring for a garden is a community effort, and we need you!  You can work in the garden according to your schedule to fulfill your volunteer requirements. We also need supplies; if you have access to anything needed in the garden, please let us know.

How Can I Help?

Classroom Parent coordinator - Recruit volunteers for the grade level garden space.

Grade level volunteers - assist teachers with class in the garden, be responsible for grade level garden maintenance (weeding, watering, planting, harvesting, providing nutrients)

Garden level volunteers - watering, composting, supplies.